From the Mother’s mouth

“I just want to thank you for all the yoga classes. I have loved every lesson. They have often been the highlight of my week.  Before I fell pregnant I dreamt about finding a group of like minded people and enjoying a growing bump. I never thought starting your yoga class would open up so many new and amazing experiences. All the women that do your classes are wonderful. I love your teaching.  I’ve listened to your words of wisdom like a top up of amazing energy for the week. Yoga has been my weekly dose to connect with little one and motherhood. Your positive affirmations have been a blessing. After I attended hypnobirthing classes. I felt miles ahead with the connection to the yoga classes. I feel prepared for the next steps. So we will see….But honestly.  Thank you for your amazing classes for my body and mind. You are brilliant.  Xxx” Rowena

“Just a quick note to say how truly AMAZING your classes were! Doing yoga made my pregnancy happy, comfortable and peaceful, and helped to make my labour a wonderful experience.  I’m tempted to get pregnant again so I can come back to your classes!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” Polly and Felix

“Attending your yoga classes really helped me to unwind, it was a stressful time, and it gave me the chance to just stop, and bond with my growing bump… so to attend the yoga class, ensured that I could wind down and relax at least once a week!!  Not only was it enjoyable” me time”, but it helped enormously with my posture as I became more heavily pregnant…. It was also a great chance to meet some other mums, and it was reassuring to see women in all stages of pregnancy at your classes” Ali

“I found the course very enjoyable, it taught me a lot about how to breathe, how to combat back pain and how to relax. I have taken a lot from It and continue to use the skills I’ve learnt. Thank you for being a great teacher” Joanna

“I did Yogababe classes from the 20th until the 37th week of my pregnancy. I had never done yoga before but found the classes so much fun. They were an excellent opportunity to do some exercise whilst pregnant and were also very relaxing. I suffered from insomnia during part of my pregnancy and Yogababe really helped with that. I also used the breathing techniques we learnt whilst in labour.  I would encourage anyone thinking about it to have a go! “ Marcella

“I must say that your yoga classes were of great help to my pregnancy as it helped me with relaxation and self control. I wish I could have done it for longer and am thinking of attending your drop in classes to carry on the good work. I hope all the pregnant women can benefit from your classes as well” Bianca

“I found your pre-pregnancy yoga classes really helpful as they ended up being my one of the rare times I got to myself during the week! People tell you to get all the rest you can before your baby arrives, but that is easier said than done! The pregnancy yoga classes gave me proper ‘me’ time to relax and chill out and just forget about everything else going on.  I found the breathing techniques really helpful during labour and found that I retained some flexibility during pregnancy because of the yoga which helped with getting back into shape after bubs arrived. I found the classes a great way to meet other pregnant mums too, and still keep in touch with a few of the girls now and meet up with our babies!” Heather

“ I really enjoyed the classes, not only did they help with pregnancy stiffness and labour but I met lovely people who i continue to see now we all have our babies” Jenny