General Adult’s Yoga


Friendly class exploring Yoga basics – postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), relaxation and more.

Whether you wish to maintain fitness, explore the history and philosophy, chill-out, manage stress levels, Yoga works on many levels and can help bring some harmony into your busy modern life.

Times Thursdays, 9.30-10.45am
Location Camulos Academy, WHitmore Drive CO4 6AL
Dates 20th April – 25th May (6 weeks), 8th June – 20th July (7 weeks
Investment £48/6 weeks, £54/7 weeks (£10 drop-in)


Times 7.45-9pm
Location Camulos Academy, Northern Approach Road
Dates 20th April – 25th May (6 weeks), 8th June – 20th July (excl 22nd June)
Investment £48/6 weeks (£10 drop-in)
Parking plenty in car park

Had a hard week? We will practice gentle and strong asana, stretches. We will also explore more meditative practices and Yoga Nidra. Help yourself de-stress from your day and have a good night sleep.


A big white/green building. Drive towards David Lloyd gyms/A12 from Colchester on new Via Urbis Romanae. Drive past the old Severals Hospital site/new housing construction on left. Turn left at the traffic lights onto Whitmore Drive.

From the a12 junction 28 drive towards Colcheser on Via Urbis Romanae, pass David Llloyd gyms on right. Take right at traffic lights/big blue ‘Bloor homes’ sign.


ALL CLASSES – mats and blocks are provided, just bring a warm jumper for relaxation time (I have some blankets)