Mum and Baby Yoga

WEDNESDAY 12-1pm 19th April – 24th May (6 weeks), 7th June – 19th July (7 weeks) New Braiswick Community Room, 6 Apprentice Drive, CO4 5SE* (ground floor studio flat) £6 drop-in, £30/£35 for 6/7 weeks
THURSDAYS 11-12 20th April – 25th May (6 weeks), 8th June – 20th July (7 weeks Camulos Academy, Whitmore Drive off Via Urbis Romanae, CO4 6AL* £6 drop-in, £30/£35 for 6/7 weeks

Come along to Nurture yourself, Revitalise, Recover, Bond and Socialise. This drop-in class is suitable for babies from 6 weeks to mobile (after your 6/8 week check

You go through massive change when you have a baby – physically, mentally and emotionally. This
gentle class will help to strengthen you from the inside out whilst laying the foundations for postnatal recovery. You will learn simple techniques to keep you sane during testing times, re-energise if exhausted, and strengthen pelvic floor and abdominal muscles safely. Whilst you spend calm time with your baby (a calm mum is a calm baby), you will meet other mums also experiencing early motherhood. We will combine gentle stretches with appropriate posture work with sounds (nada) and singing, Yoga stretches & massage for baby and Yoga breath-work. At the end there is a well deserved RELAXATION session (yes!!). There will be something for you, something for your baby and practices for you both to to together.


  • Endless benefits for you for maintaining mental, physical and emotional health
  • Helps to build and improve a positive relationship between mum and baby
  • Can increase your baby’s body awareness and confidence as he/she grows
  • Promotes and maintains flexibility and suppleness of their muscles and joints
  • Can strengthen your infant’s spine
  • Gives your child a feel for exercise and physical stimulation
  • The movement supports and promotes development of their vestibular system
  • The specially designed exercises help the baby to develop co-ordination of the brain and body
  • Supports and helps to regulate your infant’s sustaining systems, including breathing, circulation, digestion, and elimination
  • The classes provide an opportunity for you to exercise with your baby
  • Teaches both you and your baby how to relax by providing shared relaxation time at the end of each

Turn off Bergholt Road onto Tufnel Way until you reach the mini roundabout. Its on that roundabout, the corner of Axial/Apprentice Drive. You can actually see the sign from the roundabout to your left. Drive over the roundabout and park on the roadside (unless one of the 3 Visitors spaces are available) Easy.


A big white/green building. Drive towards David Lloyd gyms/A12 from Colchester on new Via Urbis Romanae. Drive past the old Severals Hospital site/new housing construction on left. Turn left at the traffic lights onto Whitmore Drive. From the a12 junction 28 drive towards Colcheser on Via Urbis Romanae, pass David Llloyd gyms on right. Take right at traffic lights/big blue ‘Bloor homes’ sign.


BOOKINGS CAN BE MADE IN ADVANCE TO ENSURE YOUR SPACE, drop-ins also ok. Cash taken on the day or pay online to HSBC 401851, 01414739. Check with me for availability: 07801350469, email or check out the Facebook page.

What to bring – bring a blanket for your baby to lie on (all mats and blocks provided)
What to wear – something comfortable (ie leggings not jeans!)

From the Mother’s mouth – ‘just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for a lovely yoga session this afternoon. Cora was fast asleep by the time we got home! She was so chilled out afterwards! See you next week! xxx PS would say to anyone considering bringing their more mobile baby (Cora is sitting, crawling and climbing on everything!)it was fine she was actually really chilled out and seemed to really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere! x’ This school is a large white building on the old Severals site – on the left as you drive away from Colchester towards A12.

SMALL GROUPS/121s Do you have a small group of friends with babies? I can teach you Yoga tailored especially to your group and can include baby massage too. Call me for more information 🙂