Yoga classes are for anyone – whatever stage of life you are in. Most classes are however women or family-centric, which you will find nurturing, strengthening, energising, harmonising and calming. Like a breath of fresh air in a tumultuous world.

7-8.30pm Myland Parish Hall, CO4 5AL
TUESDAYS ADULT HATHA YOGA 9.30-10.45am Glebe Pavilion, Mersea CO5 8RS
YOGA BABIES, TOTS & YOU 11am-noon Glebe Pavilion, Mersea CO5 8RS
THURSDAYS ADULT HATHA YOGA 9.30-10.45am Camulos Academy, CO4 6AL
MUM & BABY YOGA 11am-noon Camulos Academy, CO4 6AL
6-7.30pm Camulos Academy, CO4 6AL
ADULT HATHA YOGA 7.45-9pm Camulos Academy, CO4 6AL
 FRIDAYS POSTNATAL RECOVERY YOGA (pre-bookable) 10-11.15am TBC
SHAKTI YOGA (monthly Womb Yoga) 7-9pm TBC

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YOGA has been around for thousands of years and its benefits detailed in the ancient teachings. Modern Yoga is now being quantified and qualified to suit the modern knowledge seeker. Some proven benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio-vascular system
  • Improved posture, flexibility and strength
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced feeling of well-being
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression

NAOMI completed the 3 year British Wheel of Yoga training course to become a teacher and has been teaching since 2008. She then specialised in Yoga for Pregnancy, Postnatal recovery and for Mums and Babies. She has also completed Well Woman Therapeutic Yoga and is a trained Childrens’ Yoga teacher, Baby Massage instructor and adult masseur.

She has offered Pregnancy Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga since 2010 and also brought Yoga to women, men and children with NHS, Barnardos’ Children’s Centres, MIND, the MS Society and local schools.

Yoga practices can be powerful but easily accessible. They work really well to help bring harmony to our modern way of life, reduce stress and bringing yourself back to home.