Shakti Yoga

FRIDAYs @ The Tree Room, CO1 1JN 6.30-8pm 21st Sept – 19th Oct £15/session

This nourishing Womb Yoga class is suitable for all women and aims to support you whatever stage of life you find you are in.

It is especially for you if you lead a busy, chaotic or stressful life. Perhaps you feel over-stimulated by modern living or disconnected from your essential self.

Gentle Yoga practices try to help you find strength, power and belief in your own body and a sense of wellbeing in your menstral cycle, fertility, pregnancy, peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause – if you are with or without a womb.

Yoga practices include flowing movements, held postures, breath, sound, positive mantras, Yoga nidra, visualisation, meditation, womb, restorative and yin yoga. All to support you on your journey, bringing nourishment, creativity and spiritual connection, soothing the nervous system, re-connecting to your inner vitality and strength, stimulate the circulation and energy to the pelvic area.

The Yoga hopes to bring harmony to the reproductive, digestive, eliminatory and endocrine systems – in fact all systems – and practices can help you connect with yourself own menstrual cycle, manage stress, anxiety and difficult fe

elings. Fertilitywise, it isn’t suitable during the implantation phase of treatment but I can advise/offer 1-2-1 during this time.

This is a small, friendly and supportive women’s class – feel free  to get in touch if you want to know more.

You can book for just 1 class or for all 5 but space is limited. Please book your space by contacting