General Adult’s Yoga

These friendly classes explore Yoga stalwart practices – postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), relaxation, meditation and more.

Whether you wish to maintain fitness, explore the history and philosophy, chill-out, manage stress levels, Yoga works on many levels and can help bring some harmony into your busy modern life.

Yoga can be weaved into your everyday life easily and bring a sense of worth, positivity and self empowerment. You may find you already practice lots of Yoga already!

I like to make Yoga accessible to all regardless of physical/emotional/mental restrictions. – all practices are modified to your own level and you will be encouraged to be brave in your practice. I practise hatha Yoga  with a smattering of Womb Yoga, Yin yoga thrown in.

THURSDAY 9.30-10.45am Myland Parish Hall, Mile End Road, CO4 5DY £48 for 6 weeks (some drop-in £10)
THURSDAY 7.45-9pm 14th June – 19th July (6 weeks) Myland Parish Hall, Mile End Road, CO 5DY £48 for 6 weeks  (some drop-in £10)

Rushing around in this frenetic world? working hard? doing hard-core strenuous exercise? running? Practicing power yoga/ashtanga/vinyasa etc? How about some yin to balance all that yang? Take time to find inner space with meditative, breath focussed, long-held postures/shapes.Classes will be challenging for both mind and body.

A slightly more gentle and chilled class (beginners very welcome).

THURSDAY EVENING YOGA Had a hard week? We will oscillate between gentle and strong asana. A charming mix of hatha, womb and yin yoga. We will also explore more meditative practices and Yoga Nidra. Help yourself re-energise, de-stress from your day and have a good night sleep.
What to bring – mats and blocks are provided, just bring a warm jumper for relaxation time (I have some blankets)