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I have been teaching Yoga since 2008 and practising Yoga for many more years. My initial training is with the British Wheel of Yoga but I have undertaken comprehensive further training since then in Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Mum and Baby, Children’s Yoga, Toddler Yoga – and I have learnt from some of the leading teachers in this field. I am a qualified Baby Massage Instructor (IAIM) and also provide holistic massages – including Pregnancy massage – and Reiki.

Learning is a lifelong activity for me and I regularly update my skills attending workshops and trainings whenever I can. For me, Yoga is not just about body contortions. It filters through to all aspects of daily life.am a firm believer that Yoga holds something for everyone, whatever their stage in life and that Yoga skills can really help you maintain a physical, emotional and mental balance – giving you a firm foundation for life’s ups and downs.

I have been practising Yoga for a long time , but it wasn’t until I first had children 10 years ago that I realised how important it was in my life. Now I enjoy offering families the opportunity to learn tools to help then stay calm, peaceful and happy through Yoga, as I know how easy it is to be swept up and overcome by ‘stuff’ in our complicated modern lives.

Prior to training to become a teacher I worked in London then I travelled around India for 6 months. Living and working in Auroville, Tamil Nadu for 2 months really opened my eyes to Yoga as a way of life and following this I spent 6 weeks at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala. Yoga became an intrinsic part of my life, sustaining body, mind and soul.

Back in the UK, I  now have three children and have experienced great benefits from practising Yoga during pregnancy, childbirth, postnatally and whilst caring for toddlers and school age children. I am really pleased to make Yoga available especially to local women in the Colchester area and help make this time more comfortable.

BWY Yoga Diploma 2009 (Elaine Fletcher)
BWY Pregnancy Yoga 2010 (Wendy Teasdill)
Calm for Kids Children’s Yoga 2011
Yogacampus Women’s Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) 2011 (Uma Dinsmore Tuli)
Yogacampus Postnatal Yoga 2012 (Uma Dinsmore Tuli)
IAIM Baby Massage 2013
ITEC Massage Diploma 2014
Foundation in Yoga Nidra 2014
ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 2015
BIRTHLIGHT Toddler Yoga 2015
Pregnancy Massage Training 2015
Integrating Hypnotherapy into Pregnancy Yoga 2016

Over the years I have taught in gyms, one-to-one sessions, workshops and in the workplace. I have taught regularly in the not for profit sector – MS Society, MIND & the NHS and for women with Postnatal Depression and in Schools

Pregnant Naomi 2014

Pregnant & resting on a ball!